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About Me

I’m a Somatic Therapist, that means I work with people in all the aspects of human expression, not just their thoughts and emotions. I believe that our posture, as we move through the world and what we feel in our bodies is just as important as how we think; psychological stress can cause so many physical ailments, relationship problems, low confidence and sexual issues.

I provide compassionate and non-judgemental support to people from all different backgrounds. I worked in the sex industry for over two decades, so understanding the needs of sex workers and clients is something that I’m very familiar with. As a member of the queer, poly and sex positive communities, offering non-judgemental and educated support to folx from these communities is very close to my heart.

During my own journey of healing complex developmental trauma and working through my sexual hang ups, I experienced many different body based techniques. It was because of this experience that I sought out wonderful teachers and educated myself in the modalities that I found the most useful, so I could in turn offer them to the people who need them too.

I still seek regular support from my therapist, coach and supervisor. Therapy for me is a process not a destination. I don’t believe that we’re broken and we certainly don’t need fixing, but what we do need is consistent love and support from the people with our best interests at heart. I really feel this from my wonderful team of professionals. I take the lessons I've learned from these beautiful compassionate souls and pass them on in my work, so my clients can feel it too.

Me and my adorable dog Monty

In my downtime I love reading, singing, gardening and sometimes painting; getting my creative juices flowing. My cute little dog Monty fills my heart with joy and I’m often making up silly songs to sing to him.

Learning is my passion! I’ve spent the past 8 years studying everything I can about trauma and somatic therapies. There are always more courses I want to do and sometimes I need to take a breath and chill or I would be doing them all!

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