How to Make an Organic Castor Oil Pack to Treat Scar Tissue

Caster Oil, Lorraine Pentello, Scar Remediation, Melbourne
Photo by Maurice Campobasso

What you will need:

  • Organic castor oil (make sure its Hexane free)
  • Organic cotton flannel (needs to be undyed and unbleached)
  • Cling film
  • Heat source (hot water bottle / wheat pack)


  • Cut the flannel to fit the whole area of the scarring. Try to include the scars you can’t see under the skin.

  • Spread castor oil generously on the cloth (I like to imagine it like spreading honey on bread).

  • The cloth should now be very sticky, so just plop it on the scar and wrap cling film around to help keep it in place and off your clothes.

  • Apply the heat source over the cling film and leave the castor pack on for 20-60 minutes.

  • For best results apply the pack before bed. After removing it, rub in the oil (don’t wash it off) before putting on an old pair of PJs and old sheets (the oil can stain, so be careful).

  • After using the pack, pop it in a resealable plastic bag and reuse the next day with some extra castor oil. It will keep for about four days, so throw the pack away after that. Don’t wash and reuse.

  • It can be really beneficial to apply the pack several days in a row prior to having a remedial massage or scar remediation session.

  • For particularly stubborn scars, castor packs can be used in the same area for 21 days straight. This is the amount of time needed to break the cycle of scar formation. The body will need time to rest after this and release toxins.

  • After castor packs and scar remediation the body may need time to detox. Epsom salt baths, saunas, coffee enemas and drinking plenty of water can help.

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